The 3D-Surg project aims at developing a comprehensive set of products to enable the breakthrough of a new kind of image-guided surgery exploiting 3D modelling of patients from their medical imaging and three-dimensional visualization combining both real and virtual environment. Thanks to 3D-Surg, the new 3D vision of patients before and during surgery will make significant improvement of surgical interventions possible. However, beyond this expected clinical benefit, 3D-Surg proposes to position France as world leader in a range of 3D technologies applied to surgery, what represents a major economic challenge for an estimated market over 2 billion € in 2016, with an annual 12,7% growth. To reach such a result, 3D-Surg proposes to pool French actors having complementary cutting-edge technologies covering the full range of market needs, from 3D image production (virtual or real images) to their output on tablet, laptop or 3D screen, while integrating essential standardized data storage tools for the medical field as well as interaction and data exploitation tools. Furthermore, this project aims at French industrial production of equipment dedicated to the operating room. Therefore, 3D-Surg proposes to create a true 3D sector for surgery, gathering small and large companies along with technological and clinical research teams, public or private, known and acknowledged in the various subject areas.